A balanced literacy programme ensures that critical literacy skills are seamlessly integrated into classroom instruction and experiences right from the start of a child’s educational journey. Creating avid, lifelong readers doesn’t just happen; it takes a school-wide culture to help reach that goal. The Heritage School, Noida offers a rich web of linguistic and cognitive experiences to students during their formative years. They are encouraged to think, talk, raise questions and gain new information by reading, thereby empowering them to become independent readers and self- directed learners. To offer deeper insights into reading, selection of appropriate books and exploring innovative ways to hook children into becoming avid readers, Ms Dalbir Kaur Madan conducted a virtual session with parents on 18th December 2021. Founder of One-Up Library, Bookstore and Learning Lab, Dalbir is a bibliophile, a reading specialist, and profoundly passionate about books and reading. She is working closely with The Heritage Group of Schools as a Literacy Mentor, and training selected teachers to work as literacy coaches for other teachers.

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