BOOK TALK - 8th September 2021

Books open a world of wonder and amazement for children. Reading can encompass the reader to achieve not just literary goals, but also build life with resilience and determination as its foundational pillars. Book talks encourage students to expand their reading tastes and experiment with different genres. They motivate listeners to foster reading, writing and speaking skills; thereby facilitating self-directed learning. Readers of Grade 5 have been exploring books by different authors, on diverse genres. They proudly presented ‘A Book Talk’ on their favourite book to highlight why they had enjoyed reading it and also take the listeners on the same journey of exploration. They came up with interesting ways to project their book choice as the best in the genre. The goal was to present an exciting, and even suspenseful, introduction for the book of their choice; and create more avid readers in the classroom.


Students started coming to the school campus -6th September 2021

The silent hallways and empty classrooms came alive as our students walked into the school premises. It was wonderful to see them happily explore the building, their eyes shining bright over their masks. As we commenced physical classes, we thank all the parents and guardians for reposing their trust in us. Our constant endeavour will be to make every student feel happy and secure in the school premises.





Camping - The Colourful World around me - 3rd September 2021

Visualisation and role play enhance critical thinking and analytical acumen. When situations are consciously created, there is mental imagery and greater contextual understanding. In a simulated experience, alongside elements of fun and excitement, competencies to prepare and respond to a specific situation are also developed. Under the module ‘The Colourful World Around Me’, the students of Nursery imagined how the world would look at night, from the glittering stars to the shining moon. They equipped their tents with all the essentials they felt they would need and enjoyed creating a apace for themselves in the wilderness. There were many giggles and gasps as they pretended to spot trees, and even animals, outside their tents. They collected twigs and sticks to build a bonfire to gather around and shake a leg. Camping is all about teamwork. It builds essential life-skills as well as a sense of community through the setting up of tents, cooking meals, playing games, reading and storytelling. Not only did this experience bring them closer to their peers, but also to nature and a more natural way of living.




Learning becomes meaningful only when young minds are given ample opportunities to absorb, adapt and apply the information gained. The learners of Grade IV started their Expedition on Maps by learning about compass, keys and cardinal directions. They explored various kinds of maps, their essential elements and understood how a map can be used to reach an unfamiliar destination. Taking their peers on a virtual tour of different destinations - Ponda in Goa, Mashobra in Shimla, Bhimtal and Dehradun in Uttarakhand, they were able to share their understanding of political, physical and thematic maps. Their reasoning and logical thinking skills were further sharpened when they sketched the lay-out of their rooms while planning space for furniture and other objects. On Padlet, they shared their observations on 3D floor plans, aerial views and route-maps and used Jamboard to mark neighbouring countries and water bodies on the Indian political map. The students were excited throughout the expedition and enjoyed exploring it together.



The unit ‘Games and Healthy Me’ aimed at creating awareness on the significant role of sports in fitness and good health. It inspired Grade 2 learners to explore how they could, during these unprecedented times, optimally utilise available resources to create an Indoor Mini Basketball Game. The activity involved participation of immediate and extended family, thereby creating an opportunity for interaction to foster better relationships. The overall experience was positive, enriching and enjoyable for them.



The expedition, “My World - My Family” inspired the children of kindergarten to explore what makes families special. They discussed the importance and composition of a family, and the roles all members play. The children discovered how families having diverse structures might look different from each other, with love and affection for each other being the common thread binding them. During this expedition, the children had fun creating finger puppets of their own family members and describing who they are. They created their family trees and enthusiastically presented their work in front of their peers.



My Colourful and Growing World – 27th June 2021

‘Life is a box of crayons. Mere colour… can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.’ Oscar Wilde

The expedition ‘My colourful and growing world’ was aimed at exploring the wondrous hues and motifs that occur in nature. Young learners of Grade 1 went through the journey of creating beautiful flowers using their tiny fingerprints, while also exhibiting their knowledge about number names. Through activities, they discovered the vivid patterns and colours that exist in nature, and created cats and caterpillars using origami and painting techniques. Completely engrossed in the activities, the students could be seen enjoying the experience.


Happy Father’s Day- 20th June 2021

Social and Emotional Learning, an integral part of the curriculum at The Heritage School, includes skills of managing emotions and relationships, which are implicitly taught and embedded in meaningful experiences. The students of Junior Programme express appreciation, admiration ad gratitude for their father, in more ways than one, on Father’s Day!


History of Recording and Reading Time – 7th June 2021

As part of their expedition 'Me and My World', Grade 5 students worked in groups to research the history of recording and reading time. They presented a timeline of timekeeping devices from the 5000-year-old ancient Greek sundials to modern mechanical clocks. Creating gnomons and using them to trace the path of the sun throughout the day, helped them connect the phenomenon of shadow shifting with the passage of time. They also studied the 'Tower of Winds' and how they served multiple functions, one being to serve as a public time-piece, somewhat like a clock tower. This helped them appreciate the acumen and ingenuity of our ancestors, who keenly observed natural phenomena to derive patterns and then used them to solve problems creatively.   


Care for the Earth- 27th May 2021

The module ‘Care for the Earth’ saw the pre-primary students connecting with Mother Earth and enthusiastically doing multiple activities as well as presenting their work to their peers. From planting saplings to nurturing them, the students showcased their learning through ‘show and share’. Sensitized towards the need for caring for our environment, the students also took a pledge to conserve, recycle and reuse.


CPIL Workshop- 23rd May 2021

Educators from The Heritage School, Noida took part in a Certificate Programme in Instructional Leadership (CPIL), conducted by I Am A Teacher (IAAT). A platform for school leaders to share best practices and learn meaningful strategies to scaffold deeper learning for teacher cohorts, the programme aims at refining skills and enabling facilitators to turn the school into a Learning Laboratory.


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