Familiarizing students with cultural influences, teaching them the historical context related to the traditions, creates awareness and respect for diversity. Along the learning expedition, they are encouraged to accept differences, and nurture empathy and kindness for others. Halloween has its origins in Europe where people would dress up as ghosts believing it would rid them of evil spirits. The fun surrounding the festival piqued students’ curiosity when they read about Halloween in school and discussed it with their peers. A small celebration followed with children dressing up in interesting costumes, role-playing and speaking about the festival, and reaching out to their mentors for trick or treat! It was an exciting and enriching event for them.

    To encourage appreciation for cultural heritage, the school creates awareness among students about the rich diversity of Indian festivals celebrated across the country, and their significance. The corridors of the school reverberated with festive fervour when the students and teachers came together to celebrate Navratri and Dussehra. Dressed in ethnic attire, they danced with gay abandon on the beats of Dandiya or Garba, the folk dance of Gujarat. The celebration not only highlighted the importance of embracing one’s cultural roots, but also offered an opportunity for the educators and learners to experience immense warmth, uninhibited camaraderie and boundless affection!

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