Freedom, empowerment and continuous learning are the ethos of The Heritage School work culture. Every teacher or staff who enters the portals of the school is empowered through progressive workshops, coaching, mentoring and study missions. The school’s Professional Development Programmes provide our faculty with the tools to exhibit responsiveness and flexibility to a child’s world and changing needs. With access to some of the best resources and infrastructure in the country, the school constantly focuses on ensuring that the organisation remains responsive to the needs of each of its members.


  1. You are requested to fill in the online application form to apply. 
  2. Minimum eligibility criteria for teaching or academic positions - 60% or above in class XII and 50% or above in Graduation.
  3. You will be tested and interviewed on the basis of your ‘First Preference’ of ‘Subject’ and ‘Class Preferred’.
  4. On submitting the application form, you will receive an email confirmation on the Email ID specified by you in the application form.
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