Earth Day celebration 2022 - “Invest in our planet”!
Earth Day provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the majesty and splendour of nature. Earth is a beautiful and the only habitable planet where the human race has thrived and survived.Ironically, as we are inching closer to being modern and technologically advanced, the human race is losing sight of keeping the planet rich and alive for our generations to be.
To raise awareness for protecting the planet that has so far protected us, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year. More than a billion people take part in it globally.The Heritage School put together a student-led initiative to draw everyone’s attention to the catastrophic results of indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources available on the planet. The Middle Program students took a pledge to respect the natural resources and protect the planet’s self-renewal capacity. They vowed to take the initiative forward with individual actionable steps. The programme concluded with a beautiful rendition of “Do it now” by the children.


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