Swachh Bharat Captains - A small step for a big change

Indiscriminate unrestricted use and accumulation of plastic on the land and vital water bodies has endangered life on the planet. While some of the adverse effects on the health and well-being of humans have already started to manifest, the more severe in nature are waiting to unfold sooner than we can imagine. It is important to create awareness among children so that they feel responsible and resolve to take small steps that would eventually lead to containing the menace in time.
Mr Saurabh Aggarwal, a member of the Parents As Partners( PAP) programme of the school, conducted an awareness session called Swachh Bharat Captains, the first in the series, to educate students on segregating waste and eliminating/reducing the use of plastic.


    While teachers hold the primary responsibility of setting educational goals and guiding students in their holistic development, the engagement of parents is critical in strengthening and enriching learning of students. Parents, who are experts in their respective professional domains, are invited as and when an opportunity arises to interact with students as experts and advisors, bringing in their valuable expertise and experience to the benefit of the school.


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