There was fun and excitement galore as the students walked into the premises, looking forward to the activities planned for the morning. The children of Nursery learnt important life skills as they practised table manners and made aprons out of newspapers.
Wearing their self-created animal headgear, the Kindergarten kids regaled everyone as they pranced along the school corridors in a Jungle Parade. They understood the concept of heavy clouds and rainfall as they captured a rain cloud in a jar in an interestingscience experiment. Students of grades 1 to 5 took a deep dive into the world of folktales and fantasy through storytelling, creating comic strips, and puppetry. Grades 6 and 7 continued their scientific quest by creating fan pipes. The enthusiasm and surge of creativity were palpable as was the unbridled joy of being a child as Day 3 came to a close.


    The first day of the Summer Camp at THS-Noida was a joyful one as the children returned to school after the summer break brimming with excitement. The creative and engaging activities planned for them made their excitement grow manifold. The students of Nursery and Kindergarten plunged into the world of sensory exploration through activities like gardening and messy play.
    They also worked at their fine motor skills and creativity through origami, tear and paste artwork, and recycling of old T-shirts into bags. Students of Grade 1 and 2 got into the groove with Zumba and a magic show, closing the day with colourful slime making while those from Grade 3, 4, and 5 indulged their scientific side by creating conglomerate rocks and fossils. Caring for the environment, they also learned to make a solar-powered oven. Students from Grade 6 and 7 dabbled in the creation of 3D electronic projects using LEDs, while also taking time to observe the journey of water through the veins of a plant. As fabulous and fun-filled as the first day of camp was, it only gets better from here as every day is packed with activities that energise, enrich, and enthral..


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